Don’t Grab My Ass

I just looked up motorcycle clubs that are women only and the one in NJ is comprised of all one ethnicity (of which I am not), and the other women’s motorcycle club in NYC seems to be of all one sexuality (of which I am not either).

I just don’t understand why biker culture has to be so sexist.  It really confounds me. Whenever I look up women related to the biker culture, they are whored out and look like nothing more than arm candy.  Is this what I really want to get involved in?  I want to learn to ride; I want my own bike, I want to belong to something that makes me feel good about myself.  I don’t want to feel awkward and self conscious.  I understand that this severely unbalanced position that women are in will always be there; but will I be able to ignore it and create my own path?  I have always been my own person; I chafe under society’s laws and wish for the day when I can be truly free of its shackles and live life the way I see fit.  I am upset by the sexism found in biker culture because ultimately, I want to be taken seriously and respected.

I want to be on the road and when I see another biker, we give each other the nod.  That’s all.  No fanfare, just two bikers passing each other by.

I know what people might say; get over it.  I hate that dismissive statement.  I am not the kind of woman to create drama about the huge inequality present in biker culture.  I would only speak up if sexist bullshit involved me or a woman friend.  And then yes, I am going to stick to my guns.  I won’t get over it.  I want respect, and I don’t want to have to jump through a higher hoop just because I am a woman.

My dad raised me with an independent streak.  It has gotten me in a lot of fights but I don’t care; I stood up for what I felt was right and I will never regret my decisions.  I will always thank my dad for what he brought out in me; who knows how I might have turned out if he and I hadn’t had our “talks”.

I need to learn to choose my battles when it comes to dealing with sexist behavior.  I can’t fight them all; all that is going to result in is me being constantly irritated with even the slightest whiff of sexism and I don’t want to live like that.  I need to be confident that I am good enough to deserve respect, that if a fellow biker won’t give me that then they can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.  I will ignore the pathetic people that will try to bring me down.  I will need to be able to recognize who is good for me and who is not.