#whole30 day 18

Just chugging along with this whole30. I think I feel better, well, I know I do because there is no issue around food. I don’t feel guilty for eating a coffee cake at work; I don’t frantically scan the calorie count of anything. I just eat food. Granted, there is alot more prep work. I have to cook 99% of my meals. I don’t like eating pork sausage for breakfast, or eggs for that matter. If my body doesn’t react to it, I would like to go back to greek yogurt with fruit, or hell, blend it in my vitamix. I am looking forward to coffee again, but this time with cream and sugar. I have been drinking tea since I tried coffee black and that was a no-go. Tea has been holding me over but yep as sonas I can back to my creamy sweet coffee.
And that’s about it. Otherwise, I am going to keep up this whole30 for as long as possible. I like it. I know that in the long run, this is worth it and that cupcake isn’t.
Maybe I will buy a cupcake charm for my Tiffany bracelet to remind me 😉


The ban is failing

I blame it on whole30.  This damn whole30 is driving me a bit batty, so my willpower is low.  how can one beat 50% off of gold?  i can’t.  ok deep breath… and keep moving forward. i only broke the ban… two times this month.  and it was gold. sigh.

i slept 11 hours last night, looking forward to another 11.  I am cool with it as long as i am not waking up early for work which interferes with my 11 hours of beauty rest.

i had an interview with Alex and Ani today.  there is a damn good chance i might be their next assistant manager.  let’s keep our fingers crossed.

#Paleo #Whole30 Day 10

I still feel tired, I am ok with that, sure beats the headaches I had the first 2 days.  It could also just be that I had to be up early the past 2 days, and I never sleep well when I have to be up early.  I am still impatiently waiting to have my coffee with cream and sugar.  Otherwise, I have no other real “wants” or cravings.  I have been keeping myself busy by looking up information on which new phone to get (my upgrade is July 19, 4 days after my Whole30 ends, so I am sorta looking at it as a reward).  I have also been reorganizing and playing with my Trollbeads and X more and that has helped.  I have also been watching ALOT of TV and that helps, believe it or not.  I have resigned to drinking tea because I cannot drink coffee with cream and sugar.  I tried steaming coconut milk today and then I steeped two chai tea bags in it but it ended up being a waste.  I received my sugar free bacon today, and honestly it is just as delicious as regular bacon.  Glad I bought it; I have 7 pounds of it, that was the minimum so yea I got hella bacon.  Nom nom.  Still waiting for my damn Epic bars to get here.  I am planning on using them for lunch.  I have been doing the fruit smoothies for breakfast and yep I am starving a couple of hours later so those Epic bars would come in handy (HURRY UP PLEASE).  I have been trying to watch my fruit intake.  I am eating too much fruit and not enough vegetables.  But I am still doing way more veggies than I normally do. 

The changes I have noticed so far: headaches for the first 2 days, tiredness but it is getting a little better, the foggy feeling has lifted a bit, my digestive system is making “adjustments” to put it politely and so far thats it.  I have not yet felt the burst of energy, I hope I do, because that is really what I want to get out of this.

I am going to do my best to keep up this diet.  I feel that I don’t actually have a choice, I think my fun time of mindlessly chomping on carbs is over.  I need a better zoodle maker.  The one I bought sucks.  I am going to keep using it until I get a better one and then return it because the shoddy one I initially bought cuts your finger as you are twisting the zucchini and no thanks to blood in my zoodles. 


Day 6 Whole30

I ended up yelling at Frank because we had nothing cooked up to eat and we decided on shrimp and zoodles but by the time he came home I realized how long it was going to take and yep I yelled.  In all honesty my feet hurt alot, we had done this long walk before we went to work, it was probably a bad idea but at least we got over 10k steps in.  Man… to get 10k steps in EVERY day?  I just don’t have time for that.  AND cooking? AND working?  AND house stuff?

Of course I feel terrible that I yelled.  That was pretty damn stupid, especially since he had gone to this all this trouble to buy a proper grill pan for the bbq and all that. 

I am muddling through the 30 days, we have almost completed our first week, and I think that it is going to be a long hard road but I think we will complete it.

Day 3 of Whole30

No headache today, but slept ALOT.  Off to bed now, curious as to how much I will sleep since it my day off tomorrow.  I will be out and about tomorrow, trying to plan where I can have a paleo Whole30 approved meal.  I think I have it figured out. 

Day 2 of Whole30

Hmmm.  Ate waaay too much almond butter, going to have to put a stop to that.  Day 2 of headache, still really tired and I feel hot.  Yaay!!!! lol

Day 1 of whole30

I decided to start a whole30 diet because i am having trouble losing weight; in all honesty, i have been slowly gaining weight for the past 10 years. I usually am tired, and working out was never a big priority… Though in all honesty i have no energy to work out anyhow.

If you want to know more about whole30, go to whole30.com and there is tons of information on it. 

I woke up today, made a smoothie, and then went to work. I came home and made lunch, and i just had another small meal/large snack. Later on tonight i will have dinner and hopefully a walk. I feel tired, there was a dog barking all last night, so i sacked out on the couch for a couple of hours after work. I still feel tired. i am trying to keep up my water through out the day. 

I am nervous… No sugar for thirty days, real or fake, is scary. It has to happen, but i hope that my will is strong enough.