The Hell With Love… What Stage Are You In?

1. Rage: when hatred isn’t strong enough
2. Sadness: when you’d rather die than eat or sleep
3. Self-Hatred: when you’re convinced it’s all your fault
4. False Hope: when you’re convinced you can get back together
5. Resolve: when you’re determined to move on
6. Relapse: when you’d give anyhting to go back
7. Real Hope: when you rediscover yourself and your strengths
8. Moving On: when you rediscover the world and its joys
So…. where do you feel that you are on this list?

Being a vegetarian

Sometimes I really wish that steakhouses would provide a simple vegetarian dish…  I went to this restaurant last night with my boyfriend and some friends…  They all eat meat except for me, so of course we went out to a steakhouse.  Well, there was absolutely nothing on the menu for me except a salad…  I don’t want a salad!  So I ask what they can provide for me as an option…  They could nto even make me a pasta dish.  Ok whatever.  I don’t ask for much…  I am not a pushy vegetarian… 

Trying To Get Away

You can’t get away…  Nobody wants to take responsibility for anything.  All people want is to have their lives mean something…  They don’t care about what may happen to others with their actions…  They don’t know when the show is over.  Why doesn’t anyone care?  I feel like if I stop caring, then the world will fall apart.  Not that the world even notices me, or that I want the world to notice me; I just feel that way…  Life is short.  Don’t hate me.  It is a waste of time.  Don’t put everything and everyone down…  Negative energy breeds more negative energy.. Yea you might slip and get caught up in it once in awhile, but don’t live life that way…  What is the point?  Bah what do I know…  you just hate me because things didn’t work out for you…  I am an easy target because I react…  I know that.  Maybe that is what I am here for… 

lets take pictures

I was at Dimple records today, and actually saw an asian girl dressed kinda goth lolita….  I really wish that I had my camera!  Must pack it at all times…