Yoga Update

I finally finished my last yoga Groupon class this past Monday.  After taking classes at my yoga studio for the past three months, I have decided to stick to it and sign up for the $50 a month unlimited special.  I told someone about that and they remarked how expensive $50 a month is.  I don’t think so.  For me, it is 100% worth it.  It is the only exercise that I have been able to keep up with and actually see results from.  When you break it down, it costs me $12.50 a week to go.  I can afford that, and I really don’t think that is expensive at all.

The only downside is maybe the Wall Yoga class.  I am not entirely sure, but that was the only thing I did differently last week, and then a day or so later, I woke up to my old friend, BackPain.  Today is the first day in nearly 8 days that I think i  am finally over it.  Well, 95% over it.  There is still a slight twinge.  It put me out of yoga comission for 5 days.  So, I am thinking… maybe Wall Yoga isn’t right for me.

I am pretty happy with the clothes I bought for my yoga.  I wish that they looked a little less YOGA and more something I could wear in or out of class, but they do the job and I am cool with that.

I am happy with having two yoga mats.  One is thin and less bulky, and one is thicker and more cushy.  Depending on where I go, I can bring the right mat with me.  I also finally got the best mat bag for me, and there is also a super cool yoga/everyday bag waiting for me in NJ as a present from my mum, which was super generous of her.

I think I look different.  Two cworkers at different days of the week remarked on how i looked thinner.  I took a look in the mirror, I suppose I do?  I weigh the same though; 160 freaking pounds.  I am barely 5’5″!  Too heavy.  😦


Got this fish bead from Pandora yesterday to represent my nephew Nathan, who is a Pisces like me. 🙂

Can Life Get Better?

We are control of our lives right? 

So how do we do this.  I suppose i could muddle about and try to figure it out on my own.  I have done alright, but i know i can do better.  

The question is, how?  It would be nice to have a mentor. Or, maybe someone more similar to me. I would like to speak with someone who is about my age who doesnt have kids who likes some things I like and has a similar view on life. 

I don’t see myself finding that mentor anytime soon, I am pretty much on my own. 

This yoga stuff is a new direction for me. I need the exercise and am working into incorporating it into my daily routine. Maybe I will be lucky to find some kindred spirits.  

But I need to stop searching for validation from others. I do and think about things that quite honestly others don’t care or approve of. I need to only seek validation from myself.