I don’t know what happened today.  Well, for starters, I got this idea in my head yesterday that I wanted to wake up and go away for the weekend.  Somewhere beautiful… by the ocean.  Then I took a look at hotel prices.  Nope. 
So, I woke up today around… 10-ish.  I guess I was pretty tired.  Kinda sucked though, because an earlier start might have pushed me to go somewhere.  Anyway. 
Went out for breakfast at Venita Rhea’s, and instead of getting what I knew I would like, I tried something else.  It was alright.  Then I ran around doing all sorts of stuff… It was windy, and I had chosen to wear a skirt.  Yep.  Saw an ad in a local free magazine whilst eating my breakfast about how a new place that just does waxing was giving away free eyebrow, underarm, or bikini waxes.  I decided to go and get my eyebrows done.  That was cool, because it was in a swanky new place, and it was FREE.  Got Marilyn Manson’s latest album.  The first two songs are good… I kinda phased out after that, because I was trying to make the most out of my day.  Went out to eat for dinner as well.  Tried something different.  Today was not my day on trying new things to eat lol.  I did get my beloved magazine however.  That was also worth it to me.  Also did some thrift store shopping and found a couple of really cute black and white tops.  And, we got to see our friend whom we haven’t seen in a long time… Strangely enough, he was in his car behind us and we had him follow us to where we were going just  so that we could share a cup of coffee and catch up before he had to be on his way. 
I dunno.  Finally started to head home, and I felt like… blank.  I have no idea why.  I got the magazine I wanted, I saw a friend unexpectedly, I got a free eyebrow wax… I dunno.  As soon as I came home, I hid upstairs and just flopped on the futon, wanting to be alone.  I feel a bit better now… mostly, I just feel tired. 
I hope that I can make sure that I stay in a better perspective tomorrow… I normally would be working, but one of the shifts switched with me, so I have it off.  Yus.


I am thinking about switching to wearing a cuff instead of a collar.  More in line with why I wear it… and yet more subtle at the same time.  Nice. 
Boy… today was a long day at work. 
I look at myself in the mirror and think… hm… Am I looking the best that I can be?  Am I looking the way I want to look?  Alot of times that when I smile for a picture or whatever, I look dumb.  I gotta remember not to smile so damn hard… Some people just have a beautiful smile.  Not me. 
What I like the least:  my eyebrows, my nose, my awkward bangs (lol!), my legs
What I like the most: my lips, my hair, my feet, my hands/wrists


I am tired.  It is… 9:25, and I need to be at work, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6am.  I am just glad that I am tired enough from closing tonight so hopefully I will hit the hay and fall right asleep. 
Sometimes working with certain people is frustrating. 
Why do I put myself in situations that aren’t appropriate?  I should just let things go… let them be what they are.


I hate it when I have a really great thought that I want to share on here, but I can’t get it out right!


Ok that is a bit better. 
I love Lip Service.  I love them more when their stuff is on sale.  I need better clothes.  Time to dump more stuff!


It is interesting to note the different types of entries I put on the different social sites I belong to…
MySpace is just lighter stuff, here is more serious stuff, and Facebook I don’t blog.
Shit… Tribe I just couldn’t get rid of, so it is relegated to my jewelry!
Anyone else?

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