It’s Saturday!!!  (runs around)

Friday Night

My first unsupervised close as a shift.  Phew.  Got out on time, but am not sure if all the $$ was accounted for correctly.  *shrugs*  I’m new! 
You know what I hate?  When people treat you like you’re a phase.

Green Tea Lattes Rule!

I have decided that I will drink a green tea latte in lieu of a regular espresso latte for my last drink when I am getting off of work…

An Apple A Day…

Went to the chiropractor and to the dentist today.  Boy am I glad that I finally have health insurance, because I have some pretty serious issues.  I got x-rays the other day at the chiro’s and I went back today to look at them and to discuss what’s up.  Well, I don’t know how much you know about the stages of degeneration of the discs in your spine, but… mine are in stage 2 outr of three stages total.  My doctor informed that this can be reversed, and that if treated properly and immediately, I can regain much of the disc back.  However, the bone spurs are here to stay.  I had a car accident about 5 years ago, and I got mild whiplash.  I started seeing a chiropractor soon after that, and I was seeing him regularly until 2006, when I moved out here.  However, what I didn’t know, was that I should have also been doing physical therapy.  But, the chiropractic was better than nothing, of course!  So here I am, two years without any sort of care, and damn lucky to have been referred to a place that knows what’s up and how to help me.  I have to do 36 sessions.  My insurance covers 30.  Those last 6 sessions ain’t going to be cheap; I am getting personal, one-on-one treatment.  But heck, that’s why I have a credit card, right?  I went to my first session later on today.  Boy it was wierd!  I had to do some warm-ups, then I got adjusted, which I am familiar with.  Then, they had me lie down on my tummy, and placed electrodes on my neck and upper back.  Then she turned the machine on.  I totally freaked.  It was the creepiest sensation EVER.  My muscles were being electronically stimulated, and I started taking deep, relaxing breaths, because if I didn’t, I would have screamed and leaped off.  Everyone that works there is super cool.  I am going back… I really am not left with much of a choice.
Then, the dentist.  Finally, I found a dentist that accepts my dental insurance, and I liked the place.  Nice and new, with brand new equipment and a nice doctor.  I haven’t seen a dentist for about 4 years.  Well, apparently it showed.  He found a whole BUNCH of stuff wrong with my mouth.  I’ve got to get 6 fillings, get a deep cleaning that requires my mouth to be numbed (eek), and apparently the root canal I got years back is infected, and needs to be redone and recapped.  Aw shit.  Root canals SUCK. 
So, you may be wondering… well how much does it all cost?  Welp… I am really really really happy that I have medical and dental insurance.  Thank you Starbucks for your awesome health insurance plans!  Even with my insurance, it still amounted to enough that I actually called my mom and asked if she could help me out.  As to her response?  Well, her response reminded me as to why I moved in the first place. 
All in all, I am just relieved, because now I can get some control over my health and get the proper care I need.  So yea it’s going to be up there in $$$, but… it coudl be worse.  I am damn lucky. 

Waste Of Batteries

Ever think, ‘I look good today; maybe I will take a snapshot or two of myself’?  Well, pretty much everytime I do just that, I look at it and think, ‘Wow I don’t look like I thought I did today.’  So maybe I take another shot.  And another.  Maybe I go stand somewhere else, or make a silly face into the lens of the camera.  Eventually, I end up with a plethora of shots that I am not satisfied with.  I remember once I was wading through my files of disappointing shots of myself on my comp, trying to find one I liked for MySpace or whatever, and someone walked by, noticed all the shots of myself, and commented on how vain I seemed to be, much like a fellow vain person that we both knew.  That stung.  I didn’t have all those shots because I was conceited…  I had all those shots because I didn’t look good and I was just trying to find a good one.  And by good, I mean one that looks like how I see myself.  The camera is quite unforgiving though.  It simply sees as it sees… 
And…what’s up with frenemies???
Ever have one?  Do I have any?  Hm.  My horoscope from a tattered copy of Maire Claire informed me to watch out for frenemies this coming February.  Ah, the plight of a Piscean… 

Tick Tock go the clocks…

I have given this "not having black hair" gig now for… 6 months now…  I am currently doing the very dark brown look.  *shrugs*  I think that I might go back to plain ol’ black.  I just won’t dye it blue-black.  That didn’t look right on me.  AND…  yea the bangs are slowly but surely growing out.  I have learned my lesson on that one.  Only had to go through it twice.  😛  I may not totally grow them out.  I like long sideswept bangs…  I feel like I need something to break up the plainess…  When I had all one length hair and I would braid it, it looked…  I don’t know.  Like it was missing something…  Too flat??  That most likely makes no sense, but I can’t think of another way to describe it. 
Had a great day off today.  Nervous about tomorrow morning, since it will be my first open as a shift supervisor all alone…  I only hope that I am not stuck doing only openings.  I can honestly say I hate openings.  I did all openings last week for training and such, and it sucked.  When you work mornings and your boyfriend works evenings, well… You don’t see too much of each other.  I am not a fan of that.  When my day off rolled around, I slept.  I slept my Saturday away.  What a fucking waste.  I am glad that this is my only opening for this week…  I am going to do the "wait and see" approach before I say anything about my scheduling.  I asked for no more than 2 openings a week… so let’s see if it is honored. 
Ordered a new faceplate for my phone.  I hope it comes in soon too, because already I dropped my phone today on asphalt.  Yay!  I went to Wireless Toyz, and they were the most helpful out of the 2 stores I checked out.  That silcone one I got before fitted wierd in my hand.  This one should work out better. 

I like this poem.


Hayley Cafarella
Author: Hayley Cafarella
Word Count: 47
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It’s the way you look at me
And actually listen
Like you could understand
And comprehend
Who I am
All that I wish I could be
Watching you pay attention
I start to believe
That things could get better

You should know it makes a difference

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