What I Sorta Plan To Do With My Day Off Tomorrow…


Word on the street is that my sister is to be flying out here for my birthday.

I was trying to think about what I would want for my birthday, and I started getting interested in these things called Trollbeads.  There is also a company called Pandora that does the same thing, as well as a few other companies.  How it works is that you buy a metal bracelet  with a lock or clasp, and you buy beads to fill the bracelet.  I visited a shop today called The Golden Swann, apparently the only dealer within my area that sels Trollbeads, and they are AWESOME.

I bought this:

I fell in love with the fish lock!!!

I mentioned this to my sister, because I thought, “what a great idea; we can buy beads for each other and it will be a fun sister thing for us to share!” She went for it!  I was pretty excited about that.  We have been sharing pics and texts in our excitement, and I am honestly happy that we are obsessing over something together.  Now if I can only convert her to Rebecca Minkoff…

I have decided that if I like something, and I ask my coworkers or friends what they think of it, and they don’t like it, then its for me.  🙂

Seems to work out well that way.

Apparently my sister has already shot ahead and has purchased us matching beads and mine is already on its way.

I guess I am making a trip back to the Golden Swann! 🙂




Not Fair.

I really really wish that places would not force employees to work on holidays that those employees celebrate.  I am extremely fortunate to not be working tomorrow or Christmas Day; I am going to totally take advantage of this time given to me.

But it sucks.  For those that celebrate Christmas, or Hanukah (i know I just butchered that), or Kwanzaa ( butchered that one too), why should they be forced to work?


Rebecca Minkoff MAC clutch: First Impressions

First off, I would like to remind people that I am a vegetarian, and I haven’t eaten meat in YEARS.  I also have vegan belts and shoes and bags.  Except for Coach.  Cheese and Coach have prevented me from becoming a vegan.  Sorry veg folks… judge however much you want…

Coach has been surging in popularity… Practically every third woman I see has some sort of Coach bag perched on her shoulder.  Coach is great, I love their bags, but gawd…  They are just EVERYWHERE.  But… I couldn’t find another bag designer that a) I liked the style,  b) is within a price point that is reasonable and affordable, and c) has ideas and standards that coincided with my own.

I love Matt & Nat… A Canadian company that is comprised of 2 vegans and they make nice vegan bags… but they only make a few bags that I like… But I am going to split my money between them and now, Rebecca Minkoff.

Today I received one of the 2 bags that I bought at her online Black friday sale.  The first one I had bought is a Purple Glaze MAC.

My first and only complaint about this company is that they really have no clue how to properly communicate about the status of the shipping of their stuff.  I ordered my first bag on Thursday night at 9:30pm, since it had started at midnight on the East Coast.  I ordered the 2nd bag the next day, the actual day of Black Friday for the West Coast.  I heard through the grapevine that people were getting their bags sooner than the ’10 days, not including weekends and holidays’ statement.  I called Rebecca Minkoff on Monday, and was told that once my bag had been shipped out, I would receive an email with a tracking number.  I woke up this morning, checked my order status, it STILL said ‘pending’, and then my 1st bag arrived at my door 2 hours later.  So I guess I will be receiving my 2nd bag tomorrow?

I have to say, I am quite smitten with my new bag.  First off, it is a gorgeous deep purple, with a subtle sheen to it, hence the name ‘Purple Glaze’.  The leather is very good quality, and all the hardware is solid, heavy, and looks sturdy.  It is the perfect size for me.  I do not like large bags, even though that seems to be the trend lately.  I prefer medium to small bags, and I also prefer crossbody bags.  Do you know how hard it is for me to find a pretty crossbody bag?  I am a fan of the tassles.  I like the zip top.  This makes it easy for me to get things in and out, and I know that nothing will fall out of my bag if I happen to plop it down somewhere.  It also has a front pocket, and it has a huge dogleash clip on it, and I might use it for a few things but since that pocket is not easy to get to, it won’t be for much.  The bag has a fun leopard lining, and I would like to happily mention that the two slip pockets are nice and deep!  I can actually fit my sunglasses in one of them.

Give me a week with this bag, and I will be better able to tell you what I think.  My biggest concern in the chain strap.  All this week I will be at work, so there won’t be much time for me to wear it long term until my next day off. The very top of the chain strap is leather, and thank goodness for that, because I don’t think I would have bought this if it didn’t have that.  I have shortened the strap so that I can pop it on my shoulder for now.  It is pretty neat how one can shorten the strap so easily. Even though I prefer crossbody, where I work we hang all of our bags on a hook, or on the back of a chair; the length of the crossbody would have my bag resting on the very dirty floor.

She is not a big name; at least not around here.  Our local mall is how a good number of people find out about new brands.  Some big names at our mall are: Juicy, BCBG, Tiffany & Co., Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Coach.  As excited as I was to get a Tiffany’s, now I see more and more people wearing Tiffany.  Hopefully it won’t become as crazy as Coach.

I had bought a Coach bag a couple of days prior to Black Friday.  When I received the bag, I had to return it since I had already bought 2 RM bags, and simply couldn’t justify 3 bags… As I was waiting for her to print up my return receipt, I told her why I had to return it, and she had no idea who Rebecca Minkoff was.

Perfect.  🙂

bla bla bla

Damn it is nearly 1am.

Watching Mythbusters, clacking away on my comp.

Impatiently awaiting my two RM bags.  Obsessing over them actually.  Sure beats obsessing over stuff that failed.  Figuring out the low carb game plan that starts on Monday.

I need to sleep.


Since I have been monitoring my carbohydrate intake more closely, I am saddened at how many carbs I eat in a day.  This 20 grams of carbs a day is going to suck.

But I need to do it.  I do not want to get type 2 diabetes.  Gah.


So apparently I need to go on a carb sensitive diet.  Makes sense.

I have to start off with the first two weeks only having 20grams of carbs.  That isn’t much.  Seriously.  My next day off is Monday, and that will be my official starting day, since I will be going food shopping.  I am pretty much reduced to a limited list of veggies and fruits.  Really limited.  And, mock meats, eggs, and nuts.  That’s it.  I have already bought a week’s worth of low carb food for work… For $15, I got two boxes of 100 calorie packs almonds, and two 4 packs of low carb shakes.  Sigh.  I already know tht this is going to cost me more money.  I am going to have to radically alter my food habits, and they aren’t going to jive with Frank’s and that means my meals are not going to jive well with his… Shit, what about going out?  That is going to be stressful.

I am happy that I have found something that I feel will actually make a difference in my health.  If I don’t get my shit together, I am going to have type 2 diabetes.  No fucking thanks.

4 Cool Looks That Distress Me

4 Cool Looks That Distress Me.