what the eff?

It really seems to be near impossible for me to go to my yoga studio more than 3 times a week.
I don’t get it.
I went Monday, Tuesday, Friday. I wanted to go Saturday, but I was still too tired and so I shut my alarm off and slept 2 hours or so past the time I was going to get up. Wow.
And then I considered going on Sunday before work. That’s today. Ummm that didn’t happen.
I have felt totally tired and hungry and whew what the eff?
I am hoping that tomorrow I won’t be so tired. I will be trying again to achieve 4 yoga classes this week. I hope I make it. My health depends on it.



I forgot to mention that on tuesday, while at bikram, I did the camel pose! YeA! Then I did it again today. I didn’t do it for the full time, but I achieved it and will hold it longer each time.
This now means I can go buy something nice.
Also combining that celebration with my braces that finally came off yesterday!


Yoga has been difficult lately. But as long as I my minimum of 3 times a week, I will be good.
I have to return the super nice cobalt blue mini duffle bag. I am currently bidding on an old one on ebay and that one I can afford.
I have been super tired lately. I am sure the rum cake didn’t help.


I have been trying to increase the frequency that I do my yoga practice at my local studio.  So far, so good.  I need to keep up 3 times a week, and then bump it up to 4.  Once I get used to 4, I need to make it 5.  That is my goal.  I start the week the same way my work schedule starts… On Monday.  So far, I have gone Tuesday. I had worked a very long shift, and I was leery of being able to make it through a Bikram class, but I was able to, though somewhat poorly (though I think that has more to do that I haven’t attended a Bikram class in a week, although I have been doing power yoga).  But it is good to know that even after a long day at work, I can muster though a Birkam class.  So today will be number two, and hopefully I will be able to make it to an 8am Bikram tomorrow.  If not, then power yoga on Sunday at 9:30am.  OR both, if I can handle it.  I will try.  That would make it 4 times in a week.

Been trying to sell some of my jewelry.  Not going so well. 

Also been trying to determine of this LV pochette my sister gave me years ago is real… I believe that it is, but there are some strange things about it that I am trying to figure out.

Today was a pretty decent day off.  Didn’t do much.  I had worked a six day work week before, and then five days (4 morning shifts) in a row and I was BUSHED.  I came home last night and didn’t move much.  I am still not moving much.  I am going to a flow yoga class at 6:30 and that is about all I am doing today.