Coffee Master teachings and other thoughts

Today I started my learning journey to become a Coffee Master.  It was so exciting!  I can’t wait for the perks that come with being a Coffee Master.  I get a cool black apron for starters; then I also found out that I get free samples of Black Apron Exclusives.  Woot! 
I have tomorrow off… I need to buy myself a pair of slip-resistant shoes.  My all black Chucks have seen better days.  It works out for the best… I no longer want to wear Chucks anyhow. 
So I stop by my local Starbucks to get a nice iced soy chai… They are so cool there.  They hook me up with free drinks!  Love those guys.  Anyway.  I see a girl that I used to hang out with, and she tells me that she now lives with her parents who live across the street from me.  She tells me that she got a DUI, so now she is house-bound, except for when her parents drive her, or when she takes her bicycle out.  I don’t know if she got the message or not, but I looked her in the eye, and told her that someone very close to me nearly died from driving drunk.  I don’t know if she was listening.  In other words, if you understand that what you did was totally fucking stupid, and you have learned your lesson, then we can hang out.  But if not… Then go find some other sap to hang out with.  I don’t like people hanging out with me just because they are all alone and have noone else.  Ick.  Also, I don’t like hanging out with people that think driving drunk or high is perfectly ok.  It isn’t.  To think that someone like that is on the road, fucked up, and there I am driving home…
Oh, and I really really need to order some cuffs.  Oi.  Got to have snap closure; I wore one of my big ol’ purple cuffs today… Omg it was annoying!


Got paid today.  Too blaaaa to pay bills… tomorrow morning for sure!  Gawd work taps me out.
Thank god it’s Friday.  Did girly stuff today… got a haircut (nothing major… just a trim and got my bangs thinned out), and then for some crazy reason, I went and got a facial plus a peel.  My skin needs it… She said people usually go every month (ouch! too pricey), but I am going to see if there is any difference, and if so, I will come back in 2.  Gotta save up. 
Ate like crap AGAIN.  I had a decent breakfast, but… Gah.  I don’t even want to list it here.  I only hope that I kept within my calorie intake.  The good news is, I am now maintaining at 153 lbs.  Yays.  Let’s see if I can drop another 3 lbs.!  Then, a few more, and a few more…
I forgot to drink my Slimquick stuff BEFORE I ate.  Dumb.  I am still hungry though… I tried to only eat some of the vegetable lo mein… Maybe I can drink it and that will quiet my tummy.

I stink like a rose

Wow I am tired.  Wow these cuffs are darn hard to type in!  (removes them)  Ok.  That is why I need to buy a set (or a single, not sure yet) that are more day- to- day.  I guess those cuffs aren’t meant for typing lol…  Anyways.  So I bought this Slimquick Appetite Control stuff the other day.  Works great!  Definitely going to buy more.  Just had my last meal for today (hopefully!).  When I get hungry again, I am going to drink that stuff and see how that goes.  I wasn’t so great today eating-wise.. It’s all because of yesterday. 
Yesterday, a bunch of us drove out to San Fran to hang out, keep cool, and have fun.  We walked alot (which I was glad!  I need the exercise), I didn’t eat too much (yays!), and even though I didn’t find what I was looking for, I found some other stuff.  I think the highlight of my day yesterday was trying on this really cute necklace at Tiffany’s, and having a seriously delicious meal at The Stinking Rose (slang term for garlic).  Oh boy was that delicious.  I love garlic, and this place was perfect for me!  EVERYTHING on the menu has garlic.  Yeah.  If it wasn’t so late, I would have gotten some garlic ice cream for dessert.  🙂  Sadly, I had to be at work today by 5:30am, so even with kinda trying to make it home on time, I didn’t roll in until after 10 pm.  Oi!  I pretty much had to go straight to bed. 
I woke up today, feeling very achey, starving (I had walked alot and hadn’t eaten much yesterday), and groggy.  I got to work, and as I walked by the pastry case, I grabbed a blueberry scone.  Man that was delicious.  Then on my first ten minute break, I made myself an iced venti nonfat white mocha.  I really needed the caffeine to get myself more alert.  THAT was also alot of calories.  Then, on my lunch break, I had a plain bagel with two packets of almond butter.  Not the best, but I was craving it.  I got home, and tried to nap, but then the news of the death of Michael Jackson (!!!) woke me right up.  I just ate a simple vegan cheese sandwich.  I still feel hungry, but I am going to make up one of those Slimquick drinks and that should be good. 
I have noticed for the past few days that not only does that one particular spot on my right, inbetween my neck and shoulder, hurt, but my entire neck hurts.  Like, maybe stiff?  I don’t know.  What I DO know is that it is annnoying.  Very.  So… I am still very tired, neck is stiff and hurty, still hungry… but I had a really fun time yesterday and I will sleep good tonight that’s for sure!


Today begins my life upgrade.  So far I have done pretty well. I had an apple bran muffin and a glass of orange juice.  Then for lunch we went to Monglian, where I had a bowl and a half of noodles and veggies.  Right now I am sucking down a ginormous cup of Diet Lipton Peach Green Tea.  Delicious. 
I visited a couple of adult shops today.  I really wanted a pair of rubber cuffs, so I asked around and hit up two.  I found a beautiful pair of purple cuffs.  The color is gorgeous, they are very comfy and light, and they don’t jingle.  The only issue is that they are leather.  It is really hard to find a nice pair of vegan bondage cuffs.  Oh well.  I try my best.


Ooookaaaay.  Got off my butt after eating some deeelicious riblets, and took Maggie to the park, got her some fun treats, and a collar that miiight be too snug.  Not sure on that.  Anyhoo, I am glad that I did it.
Because… today is her barkdaaay!


Tired.  Can’t take a nap, because I need to go to bed very early.  I have to be at work by 5am tomorrow.  Just got off the phone with my sister… we actually talked for 45 minutes.  Whoah.  I really hope that I am not going to be working too many mornings, because I don’t really like it too much when I only see Frank for 15 minutes a day.  Literally.  I switched my Friday am shift to a pm shift.  Thank goodness.  At least we can go have breakfast together.
I don’t know why, but I really felt grumpy today when I got home from work. 
I lined my rubber collar with moleskin.  It feels awesome to wear now.  I am going to get a rubber cuff to match. 
Ok.  Now I need to decide whether or not to drum up the energy to go out just so that it negates how hard I worked today, or to flake and lie around here like a bum.


(wonders where her frogs are… been searching the tank and no sign…)

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